20+ Best WordPress Plugin For Improve Blogging

There are many platforms for creating blogs and websites on the Internet, but WordPress is the most used for this, one of the main reasons is the WordPress Plugin which makes your blog and website better.

You get lots of free plugins and themes in WordPress, you can create a professional website and blog without any kind of knowledge of Coding and Programming Languages, so today we are going to tell you about the best WordPress plugins in WordPress Make blogs and blogging better.

Because after setting up your blog on WordPress, the question comes that install a WordPress Plugin because you get thousands of free plugins in WordPress, so we are going to tell you about the Best WordPress Plugin which will be beneficial for you.

Best WordPress Pluging For Blog & Website

#1. Jetpack by WordPress

Jetpack is a wordpress plugin that provides you with a lot of features because it alone works with 4-5 plugins, so if you want to install at least WordPress plugin then you should use Jetpack.

Jetpack is used a lot and is used by more than 5 million people and Jetpack offers a lot of features for which you may have to use many plugins but here you can find only one plugin

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Features

-Site stats and analytics

-Brute force attack protection

-Downtime monitoring

-Social media share Buttons

-View the most recent events

-Show Related Post

#2. Akismet Anti-Spam

This is one of the very useful WordPress plugin because it prevents the Spam Comment on your blog, due to this you are only able to publish those comments which are not Spam Comment.

Today everyone comments on Dusro’s blog to make a backlink for his blog, so with the help of this plugin you can stop automatic generated and Spam Comment. Because such Spam Comment damages your blog.

#3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best WordPress plugin to do Search Engine Optimization of your blog. It makes the On Page Seo of your blog better which makes it easier to rank the post.

You can easily do SEO for each of your posts, you just have to follow the steps mentioned above, as well as installing Yoast seo, you can easily do SEO of the blog, so after installing WordPress, first install this plugin. .

#4. Contact Form 7

You get to see the Contact Us page on every blog and if you use WordPress, you can easily create a Contact Form for your blog using the Contact Form 7 plugin.

This is also the most used wordpress plugin which is used by more than 5 million people, then you can also use it to create a contact form.

#5. WooCommerce

Today, online shopping website is very popular on the Internet, but if you use WordPress, then you can create your own e-commerce website with the help of WooCommerce Pluging.

It gives you many features that you can create an e-commerce website on WordPress and if you want to create an online store then use this plugin.

#6. TinyMCE Advanced

With the help of this wordpress plugin, you can make your defalut editor more advanced and increase the limited feature found in the WordPress editor and can write your posts more brilliantly.

#7. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security works to keep your blog and website safe because there are so many spam and hackers on the internet that you can use this wordpress plugin to prevent any kind of damage to your blog and if somehow If there is any problem, then it informs you by email, which you can solve quickly.

#8. Elementor Page Builder

You can use this wordpress plugin to give your website a customized design, in which you get many features, due to which you can design many types of Wedget, Map, Layout etc. in your website. This is a great plugin for those who want to design their website through drag and drop.

#9. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

The data hosting our website is with the hosting company and many times there is a fear of losing the data of the website due to many incidents like website hack, so you can use this WordPress plugin to back up the website.

Because it has been automatically backing up your website from time to time, which can easily recover your website in case of any problem.

#10. Google Analytics Dashboard

You can use this wordpress plugin to go to your website’s Analytics report. It works by making all analytics report related to your website visible on your wordpress dashboard like Real Time, Website Traffic, Traffic Source, Refferal Traffic, direct traffic etc. and you do not need to open your Google Analytics account later.

#11. MailChimp

This is a good wordpress plugin for markting Email and getting traffic to your blog by email, due to which you can send the notification of all the posts published on your blog to your subscribers directly through email.

#12. W3 Total Cache

Today the speed of our website has become very important because if you open your website late then you damage a lot of visitors and Google also likes to show a website whose speed is fast.

Therefore this WordPress plugin will be helpful for you because it increases your website performance and reduces the load times of the website. It is the best WordPress plugin in this category.

#13. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

As we said that today the website speed is going to be very fast, so for this you can use AMP i.e. Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin, it opens your posts very fast.

There are many benefits of using it such as increases the speed of the website, increases the server performance and also helps to rank in Google, etc. It has its advantages.

#14. Smush

This wordpress plugin works to reduce the size of all images used on your website without reducing its quality. Because the image takes time to load which reduces the speed of your website, therefore you should use this plugin.

#15. WP-Optimize

Optimizing your WordPress data base is very important because it improves the performance of your website, when you do Post Revisions, Spam comments, Database table, Trashed post, Deleted plugins etc. then that data goes into your data base It is therefore necessary to optimize the data base, which clears all the data.

#16. TablePress

Many people need tables in their blog and website, for which you can use the TablePress plugin and easily create tables.

#17. Easy Google Fonts

If you want to change the defalut text that appears on your website and want to have a different type of font, you can use this WordPress plugin, in this you get unlimited Google Fonts from where you can choose the font of your choice. And after selecting, the font of your website changes.

#18. WPS Hide Login

We all know what is the default address of our wordpress / wp-admin in such a way that any one can easily access your wordpress login page, which increases the chances of your website getting hacked.

Therefore you should use this wordpress plugin, due to which you can change your defualt address and keep it in your mind after which access to the wordpress login page is not easy.

#19. Child Theme Configurator

Every day there is an update on WordPress, when you setup a wordpress theme as per your needs and if there is an update in the theme after that, after updating, you have to redesign and setup it.

Therefore you should use this WordPress plugin, due to which you can create Child Theme and then design the website because now there is no change of any kind when the theme update comes.

#20. CloudFlare Flexible SSL

As you all know that in WordPress we have to setup HTTPS for which most bloggers use CloudFlare because it provides free service.

So when you setup cloudflare, then you face many problems like mix content, for that you can use this wordpress plugin, which you get help in setting up cloudflare.

#21. Ad Inserter

The purpose of blogging for most people is to earn money by creating their own blog, for which we have to put Google ads in our blog, after which ads start coming on our blog.

For this, you can easily show ads wherever you want using this wordpress plugin, in which you are given different options for this.

#22. OneSignal

This wordpress plugin is very beneficial for every WordPress user, due to this you can connect your readers with your blog and can access the notifications of each of your posts.

It instantly reaches all your posts published on your blog to your readers, who are connected with you and up-to-date from your blog.

#23. Social Warfare

Every blogger wants his blog posts to be shared on social media so that more and more people get to know about his blog and get traffic from there. For this you can use Social Warfare Plugin, the rest of Social Share Plugin Are much better than

So guys, you can make your blogging better by using these wordpress plugins that we have mentioned, because people who have recently shifted their blog to wordpress or created a wordpress blog, find the best wordpress plugin for them. It takes a lot of time .

So use one of these WordPress plugins which can prove beneficial for you and if any of your favorite WordPress plugins are not included in our list, then do comment us and tell us

So I hoping friends, our post will be for you Mdtgar and you will easily choose wordpress plugin if you do like our post will surely Share ‘s in and leaves that reach this post until they have new to WordPress .


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