Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 14 will be Start On 27 September

‘Bigg Boss 14’ grand premiere tentative date and contestants: ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has been discussed for a long time. It is being told that ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is starting on 27 September and many big changes and new rules will be seen in it.

According to reports, the shooting for the new season of ‘Bigg Boss’ will be on 25 and 26 September and the entry of contestants will take place in the house from 26th. Contestants will be screened and screened for corona before entry. It is being said that those whose reports will be negative will be allowed to enter the Bigg Boss house.

‘Bigg Boss 14’ is based on the theme of lockdown and social distancing. Members must follow the rules of social distancing even indoors. It is being told that their eviction will also be on the basis of cleanliness and violation of these rules. The entry will also be of the same contestants who will not have any international travel history.

Salman will start shooting for ‘Bigg Boss 14’ in August itself. According to reports, he will shoot the promo of the show and shoot Weekend War from his Panvel farmhouse. However, no official information has been given about this yet. It is reported that Salman has also shot some scenes for the promo at the farmhouse and will be used in the final promo of ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

‘Bigg Boss 14’ will be shot in Mumbai Film City. Red and green zones will be created on the set and all people have to follow the rules of lockdown and social distancing. This time Bigg Boss contestants will get the facility to use all the luxury which they could not use in lockdown. They will also get spa and tasty food. Apart from this, the facility of eating restaurant food will be provided. There will also be a sports club section inside the house, which will have facilities ranging from playing to swimming and gym.

Do you like the reality show Bigg Boss and are waiting for its upcoming season. If yes then this news is for you. The broadcast of this most talked show of TV is going to start soon. Big changes are being made in Bigg Boss-14 in view of the corona infection. It is reported that this time, this reality show is going to start from 27 September. Along with this, new changes will also be seen in the show. However, no announcement has been made by the show’s makers so far.

Fans eagerly wait for Salman Khan’s show. It is reported that the big premiere of Bigg Boss-14 coming on Colors will be on 27 September. The shooting of the show will be done on 25 and 26, two days before its on-air. On September 26, the contestants will enter Bigg Boss house. The show will be on air on TV from September 27.

Bigg Boss is counted among the most controversial reality shows of TV. At the same time, its TRP touches the sky every season. The reason for this is that the makers of this show bring something new and unique to their audiences every season.

According to reports, the host of the show Salman Khan is going to shoot this season from his farmhouse. Salman wants to shoot it in his farmhouse along with a small crew. Salman Khan will be shooting for the show in this month, ie August. It is built on the lockdown theme of the corona epidemic and social distancing.

This time the contestants can be eliminated based on their temperature and hygiene in view of Korana. If a contestant is found ill, he will be considered out of the show, so only the contestants who have strong immunity will be taken on the show.

Before the news came that this year, the contestants will not get the fee as per the usual weeks. At the same time, the elimination process is also different.


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