Google video calling app Duo will get new update 2020 new feature added

Since the Corona epidemic, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for video calling. In such a situation, tech companies are making new updates to the video calling app almost daily. Now Google Duo is also going to provide a new feature update in the video calling app. Through which the Google Duo app can make simultaneous video calling from 32 people. Explain that up to four users could join video calling at one time in Google Duo Seshuruat.

Google confirmed about new feature update

As work from home demand has increased since Coronavirus, it has forced tech companies to introduce more users to single calling features. Earlier, Google Duo increased the maximum number of users connected to video calling to 8 and then the number was increased from 8 to 12. According to Android Police, its number is now being increased to 32. Search engine Google has also announced the maximum number of users joining Google Duo to 32. The company has started sending email promotions to highlight these new features. However, when will the new feature rollout. No confirmed timeline has been given at this time. Google has recently given an update to the family mode of the Duo App, which gives an option to use doodles in video calling.

Facebook launched the Messenger Rooms video calling platform shortly before. Facebook’s Messenger Room video calling platform allows up to 50 people to conference simultaneously. Facebook account is not required for this. Similarly, in the paid version of the video calling app Zoom, 1000 users can be added in a single time. While 100 users can be connected for a maximum of 40 minutes in the free version. Similarly, WhatsApp is also working on adding a maximum of 8 users in single video calling.

Roskachestvo analyzed FaceTime, Google Duo, Hangouts, HouseParty, ICQ New, Messenger, Signal, Skype, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, TamTam and Yandex.Messenger, as well as a short description of the services. All highlights can be found in two comparative tables:

Recall that downloading video conferencing applications is only from the official stores of AppStore, GooglePlay, although this is not an absolute protection. It is also convenient to check for updates there, which you should not forget about. Developers not only improve the functionality of their product, but also increase the level of security.

Complicated unique passwords and two-factor authentication have not been canceled yet. If you ignore this simple rule and use the same simple password everywhere, it will not be difficult for attackers to hack all your accounts along the chain.

However, neither antivirus nor passwords will help against the good old social engineering. Look carefully at what links you open, and whether you’ve come across a clone of a site for video conferencing. Forget about third-party invitation letters to video chat sites. Open such links only from employees of the company in which you work, friends or people with whom there is a preliminary agreement on getting in touch.

In Zoom it is important to follow the same rules as in other services: protect conferences with a password, use the waiting room and control file sharing. Please note that users are assigned a Personal Meeting ID (PMI). People who know your PMI have the opportunity to connect to any broadcasts you have organized. Do not put your PMI in the public domain.


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