Gurmeet Choudhary said - Sushant opened the door for TV actors in films

Actor Gurmeet Chaudhary, who has made his mark in the TV world with serials like Ramayan, Geet Hui Paarai Parai, Punarivah, has also tried his luck in films. But his journey from TV to movies was not easy. Gurmeet opened many secrets about this career turn. In an interview to Navbharat Times, Gurmeet said that before stepping into films, many people had told him that whoever they watch for free on TV, why would someone buy a ticket to see it on the big screen.

What did Gurmeet say about working in films?

Gurmeet says- ‘My dream was to come on the screen of 70 mm. But after working in TV for a few years, there came a point when I felt that I should try in films because I wanted to take new challenges in life. I had gained a lot in TV and I wanted to do films. And during that time many people told me that you are a TV star, when people are watching you on TV for free, then why would anyone buy a ticket to see you on the big screen? I heard a lot at that time and endured ‘.

Gurmeet said one more thing that people meet him to discus about films but nobody wants to take the risk of working with a TV actor. However, everything changed after Sushant Singh Rajput coming from TV to films. Gurmeet further said- ‘He (Sushant) has proved that TV stars also have audiences in theaters. If you give us a break, we will also get an audience. He opened the door for us in films. Earlier, I was doing a lot of struggle to get into films and people were not taking me seriously. But when Sushant proves himself, I too got a grand launch. That bias ended there. I got films and people started taking me serially.

At the same time, while giving his opinion on Nepotism and favoriteism, Gurmeet said that audience is also at fault in this culture. ‘I would like to ask people that if you have the same problem with Star Kids, then go to watch newcomers’ movies. Audiences also need to show interest in them but they are more interested in Star Kids. If a new actor is launched, even if it is a short film, support them, make good comments on their post and stop crying about nepotism ‘.

Gurmeet Chaudhary has worked in the film Laddoo Deewana and Paltan in Khamoshiyan, Reasons You Are, Lali’s wedding. His upcoming project is ‘The Wife’. Shooting will begin soon.


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