How To Buy A Good Laptop [2020 Updated]

If you go to the market to buy a laptop, then you face the biggest problem that how to buy a good laptop! Because a lot of technology is used in any laptop. In such a situation, because of not having the right information, you buy such a laptop .

After which you have to repent because then you have known what kind of laptop you should have bought, so if you want to buy a new laptop, then you should know a few things before buying a laptop.

If you want to buy a new laptop, then you must read this post completely because laptop is not an everyday item. So we are going to tell you what things you should know to buy a good laptop.

Many technology is used in laptop. Such as desktop or laptop, Processor, mac, windown, Linux, Ram and Rom etc. This part works in different and different ways. From which we have to select the right configuration laptop for which we are going to tell you in full detail.

Before buying laptop

We must know our needs before buying any goods. Especially when you think about buying a new laptop , so first of all know your needs so that you can buy a good laptop.

Now after this comes the budget, it depends on you whether you want to buy a laptop according to your budget or you want to make a budget according to the laptop.

Before these two things, you should know that what should be kept in mind before taking a laptop and which type of laptop will be good for you.

How to buy Good laptop

When you go to buy a laptop in the market, you are asked a lot of questions and only after those questions you are told which laptop is right for you. So let’s know about all of them

Laptop Screen size

You can find out how big and small screen you want in your laptop, if you want to use it for movies, games, then you can choose a big screen and take it to office, general use or wherever you go. So for that you can choose a small screen.

If you take Full Hd Screen then take it with Graphic card in the laptop so that its processing does not cause the problem of hanging in your laptop. If your budget is high and you want to use advanced technology then you can also Touch Screen Laptop can take.

Laptop Windows, Dos, Linux

In general, you get to see windows in a laptop. Which is more expensive than Dos and Linux. If you want to save some money then you can take Dos and Linux operating system and install windown in it. But for this you will need technical knowledge.

But if you take a window laptop then it is a bit more expensive. Because in this you get everything. In this case you can decide which one you want.

Laptop Ram

Before choosing laptop Ram, one thing should be well aware that it plays an important role in laptop. But you don’t buy the laptop just by looking at the RAM.

Because you have to choose the laptop RAM according to the configuration of the whole laptop and your usage. For example, to watch movies, to learn computer basic, to use normal for office work then you choose 4GB RAM.

But if you want to do any advanced work from laptop like professional video editing, high level games, programming language etc. then you can choose from 8 to 16 GB.

ROM oR Hard Disk Storage

It is used to save data. By the way, in today’s time, only 500GB to 1TB laptops are available, so if you want to buy laptops for general use, in which you do not need to save much, then you can take Stroage from 500GB to 1 TB.

And if you are buying someone with advanced feature, in which you have to save a lot of data and there is no difference in the speed of the laptop, then you can use a hard disk of more than 1 TB.

Laptop Processor

There are many types of processors. As the core i3, core i5, core i7, core i9 etc. As the series progresses, its processing speed also increases. That is, core i5 will be faster than core i3.

Now it comes, which is right for you. It depends entirely on your work. If you use laptops for normal use then you can take core i3 and if you do a little advanced work then you can use core i5. If you want to work absolutely advanced, then you can use a processor like core i7, core i9.

Laptop Graphic Card

There is a basic graphic card in your laptop. If you want to play movies, basic computer, office work, and small games, then this basic Graphic card of laptop gets your work done.

But if you want to use any programing language, high video editing, high level games and advanced feature then you should take graphic card.

Now here you get many types of graphic cards in which Intel and AMD are more popular. It is said that if you are taking a med range laptop you can use AMD Processor for up to 25 thousand and if you are buying a high range laptop then you should use Intel Processor.

Laptop Battery

The capacity of the battery of a laptop is normally 4-5 hours, so if you work somewhere at the office or at home where you do not have any problem of power then you normal battery will be right.

And if you have to travel or stay outside the house, in that case you must pay more attention to the battery of your laptop and choose a laptop that lasts for a long time.

Now you have to make sure that you want to buy a laptop of any category like mid, high, advanced, it will be easy for you to choose a good laptop.

We hope you liked this post and by reading this post you will have got help so that you can buy a good laptop for yourself, so if this post has been usefull for you, then definitely Shrare it with your friends .


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