How To Connect To Jio Phone TV

If you have a Jio phone, then you can connect to the Jio Phone Tv and can see all the content of your jio phone on Tv like photo, video, song etc. Today we are going to tell you about how to connect to jio phone Tv.

Jio phone is the cheapest 4G smartphone in India. Which you can use as a smartphone. Many smartphones also cannot connect to TV. But if you have a jio phone then you can easily connect to jio phone tv.

You can connect both smart led tv and non smart led tv from Jio phone . Especially keeping this in mind, Reliance jio has used this technology. So that it can reach every normal person.

So let’s know how to connect jio phone to tv. As we told you, we can connect all types of tv from jio phone. Which usually consists of two types of Tv.

One CTR you can call old Tv and other Led Tv can be any type of smart and non smart.

Jio Phone Tv se Connect kaise kare

Let us tell you that you need a cable to connect the jio phone to the tv. Which you do not get with jio phone, so if you want to connect to jio phone tv, then you have to buy it separately. Only then you can connect to jio phone tv.

You can buy this cable from jio store. The price of which has been kept at 1500 rupees, which is used to play tv from jio phone. Remember if your TV is CTR, then buy CTR cable.

And if your TV is smart or non smart led tv then you will need HDMI cable for this, which you can easily get from jio store. So let us assume that you have a cable that you can connect to jio phone tv. So follow our steps.

1. First connect the tv cable with jio phone and the second part with your tv.

2. Remember to use CTR cable for CTR TV and HDMI cable for led tv.

3. Now open jio Tv app in your jio phone

4. As soon as you play something on your jio tv app, it starts appearing on TV.

So friends, in this way you can connect to your jio phone tv and watch every kind of movie, channel, song, serial etc. with the help of jio tv app. If you face any problem connecting jio phone to tv then write us in comment box.


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