How To Delete Whatsapp Account

Everyone likes using WhatsApp because you can connect with your friends directly but many people face many problems with WhatsApp, which they want to delete WhatsApp account but they do not know about it so Today we are going to tell you about how to delete WhatsApp account.

There can be many reasons to delete WhatsApp, for which reason you want to delete WhatsApp, it depends only on you. Because once the WhatsApp account is deleted, all the data inside it is deleted.

Before you delete WhatsApp, you should know one thing very well that when you delete WhatsApp account, you get two types of options, one to delete WhatsApp and the other to transfer WhatsApp account to another number. What you want to do depends on you.

So let’s first know that after deleting Whatsapp account, what gets deleted from whatsapp, have a look at it.

After deleting WhatsApp account

1. The chat you have done so far gets deleted.

2. All your groups have joined or you have been included in a group, all of them are deleted.

3. If you have taken backup of your Whatsapp data in your Google drive, then it is also deleted.

4. Your WhatsApp account gets deleted from WhatsApp

How to delete whatsapp account

It is very easy to delete WhatsApp, if you want to do this, then you have to follow the steps given by us, after which you will be able to delete whatsapp, so let’s know.

Step- 1
First open your WhatsApp and click on the three Dot in the corner and go to Setting.

Step- 2
Now you see the option of Account, click on it.

Step- 3
As soon as you click on the Account button, you see some other option, at the bottom of which the option of Delete MY Account appears.

Step- 4
Now click on Delete MY Account

Step- 5
As soon as you click, a new page opens where if you want to migrate your number to another Whatsapp number then you click on ‘Want to change number instead’

Step- 6
If you want to delete your Whatsapp account, then select your country India below and enter the number of WhatsApp account and click on Delete MY Account

Step- 7
Now you have the option of WhatsApp feedback in front of you, in which why you want to delete WhatsApp, select your reason and click on Delete MY Account.

Step- 8
Now another page opens again, at the bottom of which you have to click Delete MY Account and your WhatsApp account gets deleted.

So friends, you can delete your WhatsApp account by following our steps, if you still have any kind of problem, then tell us in the comment and also share this post with your friends.


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