How to Make Money with OneAD App

Today there are a lot of money-earning apps, using which you can earn money sitting at home, so today we are going to tell you about one such app called OneAd App which is quite popular.

You can guess this such that till now the OneAd App has been downloaded by more than 10 Millions of people and they are also earning money from its use.

This is such an app that you can earn thousands and millions of rupees from home, but it is not so easy, for that you also need to be mindful.

Therefore, it is important for you to first understand what is OneAd App and how to earn money using it and also know how OneAd App works.

What is OneAd App

This is a referral and aran program in which you can earn money by sharing this app with your friends, but it is not limited to this, perhaps because the OneAd App is becoming very popular.

OneAd App is a chain system based application like many offline companies also work today, this is how this app is designed.

If you use OneAd App and share it with your friends, then they get some money after people download and install this app and they become your team member.

Now if your team members share this app to any of their friends, then along with them you also get some money and if your team member also shares the OneAd App with someone, then you still get some money.

In this way, the entire chain becomes a system and when your team members reach 1000 and continue to work on OneAd App, then you can earn up to Rs 10,000 every month.

How to create an account On OneAd App

To create an account on OneAd, first of all you have to download and install it and after that you will need referral code to create an account, for that you can use our Refferal Code “JSIDK25”, you will get money and bounce.

If you do not use the referral code, then you do not get any money, so follow the steps given by us.

1. OneAd App By Google Play Store

Step- 1 First download OneAd App from Google Play Store or click on the button below.

Step- 2 Now you have to enter your mobile number

Step- 3 If you enter the mobile number after clicking the download button above, then you automatically enter the Refferal Code, if not, use the Refferal Code “BF53ADP”.

Step- 4 Now after ticking your password and Terms & Condition, next and create OneAd Account.

2. OneAd App Download By Website

If you do not find OneAd App in Google Play Store, then you can use this method and download OneAd App from the website.

Step- 1 First you search OneAd App on Google

Step- 2 Now you will get many websites, download from there.

Step- 3 Now install this OneAd App.

Step- 4 Now you have to enter your mobile number

Step- 5 If you enter the mobile number after clicking the download button above, then you automatically enter the Refferal Code, if not, use the Refferal Code “BF53ADP” .

Step- 6 Now after ticking on your password and Terms & Condition, next and create OneAd Account.

How to earn money with OneAd App

In the days of Sharu, you were given only one way to earn money from OneAd, but now you can earn money through this app in many ways.

But the main way to earn money from this app is the Refer and Arran program, through which you can earn thousands and millions of rupees every month, which is as follows.

First of all you have to use the referral code BF53ADP after downloading OneAd App because without the referral code you will not be able to create an account in it.

And when your OneAd Account is created, then you also get your Refer & Earn Code, now you have to join your friends and more and more people with the help of your Refer Code.

Change each member to join OneAd App, you get 4 rupees as well as the person you join also gets rupees and in this way you get 4 rupees every month on each member.

Suppose if you add 1000 members to it, then you can earn 5-10 thousand every month and if you add more members and your members also join someone, then you get money like this once. After joining, you can earn money for a long time.

How to transfer money with OneAd App

In OneAd App, you can easily deposit money in your bank or digital wallet, for this, you are given two types of options in it.

Paytm App

If you use Paytm, then you can transfer the money won in OneAd App to Paytm and then use those money.

Bank Transfer

This is the second way which is very easy, for this you have to simply put your bank details and the money will come directly into your bank account.

How to add more people to the OneAd App

Since OneAd App is a Refer & Earn App, so you have to add more and more people to it to earn money, then we are telling you about some ways that you can help more and more people with their Refer Code. Can add


Whatsapp is the most used in India, WhatsApp is easily found in everyone’s mobile and due to this you can make your code accessible to others and join them.


Telegram is also like whatsapp but it is better than whatsapp to promote it, because in this you can also connect with you. By creating your channel on Telegram, you can associate many people with you and also promote the referrer code.


Blog is a very powerful way to make your content accessible to thousands of people, using which you can promote anything on the Internet.

Youtube Channel

Today most people like to watch Youtube videos, that’s why most people get to know about the OneAd App through YouTube and they use the referrer code of the creator of that video, so if more people like you Use it if you want to add.


If you use the Internet, then you will definitely run Facebook and every day millions of people visit Facebook, where you can promote your referral code and add more people with you.

FaceBook Page

Many people use Facebook page to promote their goods and things. You can also create a Facebook page and promote the referrer code.

Facebook Group

Not everyone has friends to talk on Facebook, so they join a Facebook group and make friends and express their views in the group, you can also promote this app by becoming a Facebook group.


Twitter remains in the news every day and many people stay online on Twitter, so this is also a good way to make your code accessible to others.

OneAd App Fake or Not

A lot of people may come to the question that why an application will give money in exchange to join someone, or if OneAd App is fake or not

So let us tell you that the OneAd App has been available in the market for the last 1-2 years and is downloaded and used by more than 10 million people, indicating that it is not an app.

And secondly, as you add people to it, you get money, in the same way when someone uses OneAd App, it also earns money.

Because a lot of Google Adsense ads are seen in this app, as well as many other apps are promoted within this app, which makes it money.

This app earns money in many ways, some of which gives the OneAd App to the people sharing it, so we feel that OneAd App is not Fake.

So hope friends, now you have understood what OneAd App is and how to earn money using it, so if you like our article, then definitely share it with your friends .


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