How To Update Whatsapp

The most popular messages of the world new from time to time in the app WhatsApp, is whether new fall update that are very important for those who run WhatsApp but many people Whatsapp Update How well as WhatsApp Status Update how to do it I do not have information, so today we are going to give you complete information about it in this post, so read this post carefully.

As a matter of fact, today WhatsApp is very popular all over the world and to keep this popularity of whatsapp, some new updates are coming in it every day, which many new features are available to those who run WhatsApp.

But if you do not update WhatsApp, then you do not get all these new features, for this it is very important to update WhatsApp so that you can take away every new feature of WhatsApp and when WhatsApp update comes, you can do it without upadte You do not even have to update WhatsApp for that.

How to update whatsapp

There are two ways to update whatsapp, one is you download the latest whatsapp from the offical website of whatsapp and second you update the old whatsapp using the play store, we are going to tell you step by step about both ways, so let’s know .

How to update WhatsApp from Offical Website

Step- 1
First go to the Offical website of WhatsApp or click on the button below.

Step- 2
Now you have to download WhatsApp from here, then click on the Download Now button for this.

After downloading WhatsApp, go to the folder that has been downloaded and install it or install it from your browser’s download history.

Step- 4
Just like when you install this WhatsApp, your old WhatsApp gets updated and you can enjoy all the new features of the new WhatsApp.

On this, you can update WhatsApp in your smartphone by following the steps mentioned above, this method is especially for those who are unable to use Google play store for some reason, so you can update WhatsApp from the offical website of whatsApp And those who want to update WhatsApp from Play Store, use the method given below.

How to update WhatsApp from Google Play Store

Step- 1
First go to google play store and search Whatsapp or click on the button below.

Step- 2
Now you see two options, you have to click on the Update button and your WhatsApp update starts.

Step- 3 After
WhatsApp Downlaoding is complete, now your Whatsapp has been updated. Now you can enjoy the new feature.

So friends, in this way you can update your whatsapp using any method, if you want to update easily, then you use the play store, it gets done in a few minutes.

How to update whatsapp status

Now let’s know how to update WhatsApp status because after the arrival of many WhatsApp updates, you now get the feature of putting Story Status on WhatsApp where you can put Story Status on one Whatsapp using a video or many photos. In which you can use 30 seconds of video.

On WhatsApp you have two ways to put WhatsApp Status is gross
1. Story WhatsApp Status
2. Text WhatsApp Status

How to update WhatsApp Story Status

Step- 1
Open your WhatApp first and click on the STATUS button.

Step- 2
Now click on MY Status button

Step- 3
Now a screen opens where you select the video or photo from the gallery that you want to create status.

Step- 4
Here you can upload 30 second video status or 30 second video status by combining many photos.

In this way, you can enter WhatsApp Status which is for 24 hours, after that you can enter another Status. This was the way to insert a story or video status, now it comes to how to insert Text Status.

How to update WhatsApp Text Status

Step- 1
First go to whatsApp settings and click on your name.

Step- 2
Now you see the option “About and phone number” , click on it.

Step- 3
Now you can write your new Text Status as per your choice.

So friends today, we told you how to do WhatsApp update and how to update WhatsApp status, now you will understand well, if you have any problem , write us in the comment and this post with our friends is definitely necessary. Share and rate it.


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