How To Use WhatsaApp Business App

In today’s time, everyone uses WhatsApp , keeping in mind that the WhatsApp Business App has been launched. Now many people want to know that whatsapp business app will be different from the previous WhatsApp in some way and what is special about it.

WhatsApp business app has been launched specially for those people. Those who use WhatsApp for their business. Which he can connect with his customer and increase his business.

WhatsApp business app is designed keeping in mind the small businessman. So that it can use digital marketing through WhatsApp as the growing company uses digital marketing to grow its business . In which it takes millions of rupees.

That’s why the WhatsApp business app has been launched, although it is absolutely free right now, for which you do not have to pay any money. But in the coming time any other feature can be added to it, for which you can read to pay money.

Today we are going to give you complete information about the WhatsApp business app. If you are a small businessman and want to grow your business more, then you should know about the WhatsApp business app, so let’s review the WhatsApp business app.

What is WhatsApp Business App

Like WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business App has been launched for free, as the name suggests, it is designed to increase business. So that small and medium people can easily connect with their customers.

As you all know that only one WhatsApp can be used in a phone. But you can use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business App simultaneously in one phone.

By the way, whatsapp business app looks exactly like whatsapp and does the work in the same way, but in this you get many different features. With the help of which you can do business with WhatsApp.

The number of people using WhatsApp is in billions and trillions all over the world and in India alone, crores of people use WhatsApp.

Now you can guess how big a marketing place WhatsApp is with the help of which you can develop your business more, so let’s know how to create an account on WhatsApp Business App.

How to create an account on WhatsApp Business App

Creating an account on WhatsApp Business App is very easy. Just like you create an account on normal WhatsApp, you have to create an account on it. Here you can create an account using the number running in WhatsApp or using the next number.

1 First download and install the WhatsApp business app from the play store or click on the button below

2. Now open it and enter your mobile number

3. Verify Mobile via OTP

4. Now put your Business Name and Logo and click on Next button

5. Now your WhatsApp Business account has been created.

How to use WhatsApp Business App

After creating a WhatsApp Business account, you now have to setup your WhatsApp Business Account. For this, you have to use the feature given in the WhatsApp Business App. So let’s know what its features are and how to use them.

WhatsApp Business App feature

Business Profile

First of all you have to go to Setting and after clicking on Business Setting, you see the option of Profile from where you have to setup WhatsApp Business App account. This is the most important feature of this app, where you have to enter your business information like
 Business Name
 Business Category
 Business Location
 Business Time Table
 Business Email Address
 Business Website Address

Just as shown in the photo, you have to enter your business details in it, we are telling you in turn what information you have to enter.

Business Name

You have to enter the name of your business, so the name that your business has, enter the name that people can recognize you.

Business Category

If your business belongs to a category, select it and if it is not an option, then you can select others.

Business Location

Here you have to set the address of the business i.e. its location so that your customers can reach you easily.

Business Time Table

From here you have to select the timing of your business such as how many days a week your office is open.

Business Email Address

Here you can enter the address of  your Gmail account which can be connected to you through your customer email.

Business website Address

If you use a website or blog for your business, then you can enter its address here and if you use facebook, twitter, instagram , facebook group , facebook page etc. then you can also enter their address.


This is your second option which you get after profile, from here you can see the details of your message. Like how many messages were sent, read, and received.

Away Message

This is the first option of messaging tool which you find under statistics. From here you can set automate message. Which automatically works to send messages in case you are not online.

When someone messages you, but at the time you are offline, the message you set goes to the customer. From here you can set the message according to your

Greeting Message

When someone contacts you for the first time, from here you can set an automate message, which is sent a welcome message to those in front.

Quick Replies

From here you can automatic answer common questions related to your business. Which you will not have to type the same question again and again. This will save your time and the customer will also get the answer.

Why use WhatsApp Business App

1. WhatsApp Business app will help you in spreading your business.

2. You can use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business App on the same phone.

3. There will be no need to give a personal number to everyone.

4. You can also connect WhatsApp Business App with the landline phone number.

5. You can connect people with you by giving a link to your business related website and social media.

6. WhatsApp Business app is a great way to do local marketing.

So friends, you must have now understood what is WhatsApp Business App and how it is used. If you still have a problem occurs it with us comment and those friends Share is to those who want to Grown your business.


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