How To Vote In Bigg Boss 14 Easily In Minutes

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular serials of India which is seen in two languages ​​Hindi and Tamil in India. The fan following of bigg boss in India is very high, you can guess this from the TRP of this show which increases very much during the show Bigg Boss. It is a reality-based TV show that includes common people along with celebrities.

To win the show, the people living in the house need the votes of the public. The one who gets as much love and vote of the public is able to stay in the house of the bigg Boss for that number of days and the one who stays till the end makes the winner of Bigg Boss. That is why the contestants present in the house appeal to their viewers to ask for votes.

Now if you see Bigg Boss, then you will also want to vote for your favorite contestant. But most people do not know how to vote in Bigg Boss, so today we are going to tell you about which ways you can Vote in Bigg Boss.

There are three ways you can vote in Bigg Boss and save your favorite contestant from being homeless from Bigg Boss house. Remember that you can vote only one contestant at a time. So first of all, let us know why the contestants are made homeless from home.

Why contestants are rendered homeless in Bigg Boss

As you all know that this is a game show, so to make it more interesting and entertaining, tasks are given, which also entertain the audience and the captain is selected from the team as well. The captain who is a captain has the power that as long as he is the captain, no one can nominate him from home for homelessness. So everyone wants to become the captain of the house.

Now the task given by the bigg Boss to the people who do not perform well and due to mutual differences between the people of the house, the nomination process is done by the members of the house and all the members who get the most votes from the house. Is nominated for homelessness.

After this, the nominee contestant appeals to the audience to vote for them. The one who gets the most votes stays in the house and the contestant with the least votes is rendered homeless. Now if you have a favorite contestant that you want to avoid being homeless from home, then you also have to vote for him, so let’s know how to vote.

How to vote in bigg boss

There are three ways to vote in Bigg boss which you can easily vote. We are going to tell you about the three ways which you find easiest, you can use it to vote for your favorite contestant.

Vote in Bigg Boss with Voot App

This is the best way, due to which you can vote in Big Boss. Follow our steps mentioned so that you can learn how to vote.

Step- 1
First download the Voot App from Google play store and install it or click on the button below.

Step- 2
As soon as you open the Voot App, then you have to login in it, for this you have been given three types of options, you have to login using one of it like we used Facebook to login. is.

Step- 3
As soon as you login in the Voot App, you will see according to the photo shown below. In which you are given four options. You have to click on the lowest option BiGG Boss.

Step- 4
Now you can see the photo shown below, under which there is the banner of Bigg Boss, click on it.

Step- 5
After this you can now vote for your favorite contestant, click on the photo of your favorite contestant and click on the SUBMIT button. Now you have voted your favorite contestant. Remember that you can vote only one contestant at a time or else your vote will be canceled.

Vote in Bigg Boss from Voot Website

You can also use the voot website to vote in Bigg Boss. For this, you can use the browser present in the mobile and vote for your chosen contestant without downloading any app.

First of all you have to go to the voot website, after that you can vote in the Big Boss from the website by following the steps mentioned above.

Vote in Bigg Boss by SMS

During the Bigg Boss show, the contestants are repeatedly asked to vote. If you want, you can also vote through SMS.

For this, in order to vote for your favorite contestant in Big Boss, you have to type a message using his code which has to be sent to the number mentioned in the TV, thus you can also vote in Big Boss.

How to vote in Bigg Boss Tamil

As we told you that Bigg Boss is seen in two languages ​​in India and is shown on different TV channels, so if you see Bigg Boss in Tamil language, now we are telling you that you vote in Bigg Boss Tamil How to do it

For this, you should use your mobile browser and type in Google Bigg Boss Tamil, as soon as you search, then your own nominated contestant is listed, now you have to vote for your favorite contestant and click on it. . If you already have a login, then your vote will be done, otherwise you have to login in it, thus you can vote in Bigg Boss Tamil.

So friends, I hope that now you will be able to save your favorite contestant from homelessness in Bigg Boss and will vote for him. So if you liked our post, then do share it and if there are any questions, then talk in the comments.


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