How to win Dream11 and get First Rank

Dream 11 is India’s biggest Fantasy Cricket Game and has become a dream for those who play dream11 because if you are able to get first rank in Dream11 Grand League, then you can become a millionaire in just one day.

You will know this very well if you play a team in Dream 11, but getting the first rank in dream11 is not so easy, it requires a lot of brainstorming.

Because if you want to win in Dream11 Grand League, then you have to reach the first rank out of millions, after which you can win a prize of 20-25-30 lakhs.

Today we are going to tell you about such methods, by using which you will get a lot of help in getting the first rank in dream11, so read this article very carefully.

How to win Dream11 and get First Rank

Many people believe that it is very important to have good luck to win in Dream 11 but it is not completely correct because it is a cricket game in which you need to have the right information and knowledge to win.

Because there are 11 players playing in cricket and both teams get 22 together. Now if you play Dream11, then you have to choose all the 11 players in both the teams who perform best in 22 players.

Also, the choice of captain and vice captain of the team has to be absolutely correct, so to win in Dream11, it is most important that you have knowledge of cricket, only then you can get success in predicting which player will perform best.

Now there is nothing to worry if you do not have complete knowledge of cricket or you do not have enough time to research all the matches in Dream11.

Because today we are also going to tell you about such methods from where you can study the match played in Dream11 in no time.

The right way to build a Dream11 team

To win in Dream 11, first of all you must have the right knowledge about teaming in dream11 because Dream11 is a probability based game and you know which players give you victory.

So many people play as many teams in the same contest and all players choose different teams in different strategies so that they can get first rank in dream11.

So you too must have the right knowledge to form a team in Dream11, so let’s know what is the right way to form a team in Dream11.

Step-1. YouTube

As we told you that to win a Dream11 Match, you must have all the details of the match so that you can use the Youtube Channel to select the best players .

On YouTube you can find many such channels which provide complete deep analysis of every match like you

– Where will the match be played
– How will the pitch be – Will the pitch be
good for Bowlers or Batsmen
– How many runs can be scored
– A player’s performance is good in that field – Which player can perform
– Captain and Vice Captain Whom to make etc.

Dream 11 is a game of mind for which you have to do a lot of research and you get a lot of information on the Youtube channel very easily and in a short time that you get help in building the right Dream11 team, so by subscribing one or two Youtube Channel Keep it

Step-2. Cricket Website

You also need a Cricket Website to win Dream11 because here you also get all the small and big information related to every match, for this you can use the two websites given below
1. Cricbuzz
2. ESPNcricinfo

For how a player is performing, you can see the score board, in which you get the information of how many runs and how many wickets have been taken by each player, as well as all the information of every team, which is very useful for winning in Dream11.

Step-3. Telegram Channel

It also plays a very important role in winning in Dream11 where you get all kinds of New Updates before the match starts and also get Dream11 Team Preview.

Which can prove to be very effective in building the right Dream11 team, so you can join the Playing Idea Telegram channel where you are given 5 dream11 Team Preview so join the PlayingIdea Telegram channel now.

Step-4. Bet365

This website is also very helpful because from this website you can find that more money has been invested by people on a player, which helps you to understand that which player can perform well, so you can also use this website. Can do

Before making the Dream11 team, you complete these 4 steps mentioned after that, after that you create Dream11 and follow the rule mentioned below.

How to win Dream11 and get First Rank

Step- 1
Guess the number of runs that the batting team can make and how many wickets they can lose.

Step 2-
Estimate how many runs the other team can score and how many will be out like

– Will the first order run
– will one player of the first order run or both
– will the second order run
– will one player of the second order run or both
– will the all rounder order batting come and score
– will the all rounder order get bowling and Will take wickets

Step- 3
If the wicket can be more, then pay attention to the blowers.

Step- 4
If wicket can be short, then pay attention to Batsmsn.

Step- 5
If the runs are scored more then make captain batsmen and if wicket falls more then captain can make bowler.

So friends, before making a Dream11 team, you have to guess according to your cricket knowledge because as we have told you that Dream11 is a probability based game, what is your probability made to prove to be correct.

So whenever you make a dream11 team, estimate the performance of the players and work heartily with the mind and also do not ignore any player because if you get less than 1 point then you can lag behind thousands of teams. .

So we hope that this article must have been beneficial for you in winning Dream11 and getting first rank in dream11, so if you like this article of ours, then definitely share it with those who play Dream11 so that too with this article To get the benefits.


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