Kapil Sharma neighbor Chinki-Minky be seen in Naagin 5

In ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, Kapil Sharma’s neighbor Twin Sister Chinky-Minky, with whom the timing and flow of speaking made everyone crazy. According to the news, now these twin sisters Chinki-Minki i.e. Surabhi and Samriddhi Mehra will soon be seen in the character of Naagin’s sisters in Colors’ serial Naagin 5.When Aaj Tak spoke to both the sisters to confirm this news, he said, “Nothing final like this has happened yet. Only audition has been done and we have not got any confirmation. Our role is not that of the serpent Rather, she is the role of her sisters and we cannot speak anything about our character because we have not analyzed anything yet. As soon as the confirmation comes, we will definitely update about our character and anyway we will be on our social media Keep updating everything. As soon as the time comes, we will definitely update our fans. “

Along with this, both also told that very soon the tuning of Chinki-Minki will be seen again in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. He said, “Now that the show has restarted, shooting of this atmosphere will take time to adjust. We are also coming very soon, to make everyone laugh again by becoming chinky-minky in the show.”

Amazing coordination in both

Talking about the art of speaking together at the same time, the two sisters said, “First of all we are twins too, so our twin co-ordination is also very strong. There is only a minute difference between us. Apart from that, we also practice a lot. Before the show we do two days of practice to speak together. Initially, it took a lot of time to cordonate but now if you tell us something, we will prepare in two minutes To speak. “

Along with speaking the same, the styling and clothes of both sisters are also the same. On this, he said, “We always wear the same clothes. Infact sometimes we get a fight that today if you have a pony tail, I will keep my hair open then come to a point and finally do a hairstyle. From childhood, our mother used to work very hard for us in our fashion and styling. We love mom’s fashion sense since childhood. We have been dressing such beans since childhood and till now we have done the same and we We hope to continue like this in future also. “

Lots of accolades looted on social media

Surabhi and Samridhi have become very popular on Tick Talk and now on the reel of Instagram. Explaining this, he said, “Reel is a very good feature of Instagram and he is also promoting videos. It was the same in Tick Talk. By the mercy of God we already have good fan following on Instagram and people too We like it. We are giving a lot of love to our content and we give original content. We always try to give our audience some original. “

It is said that where there is love, there are also battles and the same love and fight also happens between these two sisters. Talking about his battles, he said, “We have battles, even debates. No matter how many battles take place, after 5 minutes we start talking. By saying sorry we settle down and start talking. We find some topic to talk about. We become normal, we do not even remember and do not want to remember that we had a fight five minutes ago. “

Also, stating each other’s goodies and evils, Surabhi said about prosperity, “Bad thing because it is a little more emotional than me. I am a little strong, it cries very quickly. And the good thing is The coordination between us, the twin telepathy, is more connected. We understand each other very quickly and it takes care of me a lot. “Samridhi said about Surabhi,” Good thing about Surabhi Is that she understands things very quickly and is very understanding. The bad thing is that she gets angry very quickly. “

So far, the two sisters have not only surprised Kapil by speaking the same to same dialogue in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ but also won the hearts of the audience. Now it has to be seen that in Naagin 5, both sisters will show their new style.


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