Recently, pictures of an Indian woman wearing a saree of Netflix’s popular show Money Highest, actress Nairobi aka Alba Flores, went viral. Now after him, an Indian advertisement video of the show’s actor Rio i.e. Miguel Heran has come out. In this ad, he is seen with actress Piya Bajpayee.

This ad is of the music app, whose promotional video can be seen in the romantic chemistry of Miguel and Pia Bajpai. If you look in the video, the acting of this Spanish actor was correct, but in the case of lip-sync, he was seen lagging behind. Their words do not match with the words of the ad.

By the way, this ad is five years old today. This music app add was released in 2015. Delhi’s metro station can also be seen in some parts of the ad. It is known from this that Miguel has worked on the Indian screen before.

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Talk about the money high series at the same time, it is going to come with its final part very soon. Fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for this series. This is the third and final part of the second season. With this, the money high web series will end.


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