Online Shopping From Mobile and Buy Cheap Goods

Today everyone like online shopping and Online Shopping is growing faster because it allows you to sit at home to get your favorite stuff online order can from being cheap stuff no negotiations without tax.

Our country is a country of festivals where every day there is a festival, in such a situation, we have to move towards the market to buy the goods we need and sometimes we have to go to the market due to lack of time.

But if you want to save time and money then you can buy the same goods by shopping online. Today, we get the convenience of buying everything online and there are many benefits of shopping online, which you never get from offline market.

Many people believe that online shopping gives us fake and bad stuff but it is not because every company is providing its online store to increase the brand value of its product and in the coming time, the remaining market is also online store. About to change into.

For your information, let us know that all the big companies also like to sell their product online because by doing this they save a lot of money which they can get their goods online at a cheaper bench, so it is very important to have knowledge of online shopping.

Why do online shopping

There are some people who are afraid of shopping online, the biggest reason for this is that they never shopped online, so remove this fear and start buying low-priced goods if you like the stuff then continue shopping online. Keep it So let’s know what are the benefits of shopping online.

1. Online you get cheaper goods than the market.

2. It saves your time because to shop online you have to like the stuff and order it.

3. Just like offline market, you can buy goods of any brand online.

4. If you find any kind of problem in your purchased goods, you can return it.

5. Online you are given many offers which you do not get in the market.

6. Special festivals and discounts are also given on festivals.

7. There is also an online sale which you can buy cheaper goods.

8. You can also track the location of online ordered goods.

9. Like the market there is no different price for everyone, it offers goods for everyone.

10. In this, you also get an option like “cash on delivery” i.e. giving payment at the time of delivery.

11. You can also use installments and bajaj finserv emi card to do online shopping .

Online Shopping kaise kare Step By Step Guide

Online shopping is very easy to do because for this you have to choose your favorite item from the online store and then order it. Online shopping is very easy for people who use Smartphone, for this you must have some things.

Gmail Account

SmartPhone & Computer

Debite card, Created card, Net Banking etc

Delivery address

You need all these things while ordering online. If you have all these things then you can shop online.

Let us tell you that you have two options for online shopping. The first option is to use the website of any online store you have to shop from and the second option is to download its app from the play store.

Because today everyone likes to shop online from Smartphone, so we will tell you about shopping through App and this is considered the right way to do online shopping.

The method of creating an account and ordering online on all the apps is the same, so we are going to tell you about this process on amazon, the website used for most online shopping.

Shopping online from mobile and buy cheap goods

Step- 1
First you have to download amazon App from Google Play store or you can downlaod this App by clicking on the button below.

Step- 2
As soon as you open this app, you are given three options. According to the photo shown below

If you have ever shopped with amazon, you have the first option “Already a Customer? Click on Sign in

Since you are using it for the first time, then click on “create new account” .

Step- 3
Now a new page opens in front of you, in which you enter the name, mobile number, Gmail account and password and click on continue button.

Step- 4
Now your account has been created on amazon, now you can order what you want online.

Step- 5
Now you have to order the online order you want to type in the search box like we have searched “Sumsung mobile”.

Step- 6
Now Sumsung’s mobile comes in front of you, click on the one you want to buy.

Step- 7
As soon as you click that upper, all the details of that item comes in front of you and there is a “Buy Now” button below it.

Step- 8
When you click on the Buy Now button, the form comes in front of you, where you have to enter all your details and the online ordered item arrives at the same address.

Step- 9
After filling these forms correctly, click on the “Delivery this address” button.

Step- 10
Now you will be reached for payment, if cash on delivery is available, then you select it, otherwise you can pay from your Debite card, Created card, Net Banking etc. and in this way you can do online shopping at home. .

Top online Shopping website india

By the way, a lot of online shopping websites exist on the internet and their number is increasing over time. But we are going to tell you about those websites which are most used for online shopping in India.


Using these websites, you can shop online while sitting at home, then friends, you must have now understood how to do online shopping because we have given you complete information about how to do online shopping from Step By Step mobile. If there is any kind of problem, then comment us and share it with your friends.


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