Realme X3 smartphone will soon be launched in India with 60x superzoom support

Recently Xiaomi has launched its great camera feature smartphone Mi 10 5G in India. At the same time, smartphone maker company Realme is also coming with a new smartphone Realme X3 soon to give it a competition. Many leaks have been revealed so far regarding Realme X3, but now the company has officially revealed the first time associated with this smartphone. 60x SuperZoom support will be provided in Realme X3, which will provide a great photography experience of users. Realme X3 smartphone 

Madhav Seth, CEO of Realme India, while disclosing the upcoming smartphone Realme X3 on his Twitter account, has clarified that this smartphone uses 60x Zoom and Starry Mode. Along with this, a photo clicked from Realme X3 has also been shared in a tweet. However, no information has been given about the launch date or other features of the phone. But it is expected that this smartphone will knock in India soon.

According to the leaks revealed so far, the quad rear camera setup can be given in Realme X3. It will have 48MP primary sensor, 8MP secondary sensor, 2MP depth sensor and 2MP macro lens. At the same time, dual cameras can be given for selfies. The phone will have 16MP primary and 2MP secondary sensor.

It will have a 4,200mAh battery available for power backup, which will come with 30W fast charging support. According to Leaks, this smartphone can be offered on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. Realme X3 can have a 6.57-inch AMOLED display with full HD + resolution. Based on Android 10 OS, this smartphone can be given 12GB RAM.

Good news for Reality fans. The company has confirmed that their next smartphone will be Realme X3 SuperZoom. Madhav Seth, Head of Reality India tweeted a photo from his Twitter handle at 2:30 pm today. The shared photo was clicked from the Reality X3 SuperZoom and it has tried to show the awesomeness of ‘Stary Mode’ of the phone. It is being said about the phone that its camera is quite good and it can also click the photo of the galaxy.

Great Night Photography from Starry Mode

There was a recent leak about the Stari mode given in this phone which comes with 60x zoom. Madhav Seth’s tweet has increased the excitement of users about the Reality X3 SuperZoom. The company has not currently given any information about the launch date of the phone. However, it is believed that the company can soon launch this phone in India. Prior to this phone, the company will launch Reality Narjo 10 Series on May 11.

Click to the Milky Way

The Realme X3 series is an upgraded variant of the Reality X2 launched last year. The company can also launch a normal Reality X3 with the Realme X3 Superzoom. The superzoom points to the denser camera setup offered in the phone. It is being told that this phone will come with powerful camera setup and periscope zoom lens. According to Tipster Sudhanshu, the Milky Way (skyline) and the stars of the sky will be easily captured by the phone’s Stary mode.

4200mAh battery with 30W charging

The company has not given any official information about which specifications the phone will come with. However, some reports are claiming that Snapdragon 855 chipset can be given in this phone with 108 megapixel primary camera. At the same time, there is also a possibility that Realme will give a new processor to this phone. To give power to the phone, it has a 4200mAh battery, which will support 30 W fast charging.


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