Robot Nurse Tommy Is Helping Doctors In Italy and Reducing Risk of Coronavirus Infection

Doctors are playing the biggest responsibility in the fight against Corona virus and they are also very close to the risk of infection. In such a situation, without wearing a mask, he is engaged in helping Robo nurse Tommy, who is saving people’s lives from this dangerous disease. Tommy is one of 6 new robots designed to help doctors and medical staff. The robots have been working at the Circo Hospital in Italy since the outbreak of the corona infection.

Robot Nurse Tommy Is Helping Doctors In Italy

“Robots are like nurses who are not at risk of infection and are protected from the virus,” says the hospital’s director of intelligence care doctor Francisco Dentley. These robots, as high as a child, can understand the surrounding environment with big eyes and move in rooms with the help of wheels. They can be placed near a patient’s bed for his care, when the rest of the patients are in critical condition and it is more important for the doctor or nurse to go to the rest.

On the face touch screen, Tommy monitors the medical equipment and parameters in the robot’s room and acts exactly like the hospital staff. These robots have a touch screen on their faces, with the help of which patients can record messages and send them to doctors and can also call someone in emergency. The best thing is that due to Tommy Robo nurse, the hospital has less medical staff and the risk of infection in such doctors and other staff also decreases. Let me tell you, while treating many doctors in Italy, Corona has died because of it.

Help for hours on single charge, Tommy Robot himself told the reporter, “With my help the medical staff can stay connected with the patients and for this they do not even need to come to the patient.” The patients have to tell Robot once and they slowly understand how Tommy works. Doctors say that in such difficult times, robots are doing a great job and most importantly, because of them, the rest of the medical staff and doctors are at risk of infection. Tommy hours on a single charge can help patients in the hospital and not get tired.


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