These 4 features of Gmail will make your work from home easy learn how to use

There has been a nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus. In such a situation, people are forced to work from home. However, many people will also have difficulties working from home. But there is a solution to every problem. We cannot solve all your problems but Gmail related problems. After completing 16 years of Gmail, Google has tweeted and given 4 tips related to Gmail. Through these tips, you will be able to use Gmail in an easier way than before.

These 4 features of Gmail will be very useful: The first feature is Snooze Emails . You can use this feature when you are not ready to reply to an email. Whichever e-mail you want to snooze, when you take the mouse to the site of that e-mail, you will get a round clock icon. Please click on it. From here you can choose the time according to you.

The second feature is Smart Compose: This is an advanced version of the latest text response. This feature suggests to complete any sentence whenever you are typing an email. For this, you have to open Gmail and go to Settings. After this, scroll down and turn on Writing suggestions.

The third feature is the Vacation Responder: This feature comes handy when you have to tell that you cannot access your email. To turn on this feature, you have to open Gmail and go to Settings. After this, the Vacation Responder option has to be turned on by scrolling down. Here you have to write date range, subject and message. After this, choose the option from the options given below. After this, click on Save Changes.

The fourth feature is Schedule Send: If you work for different time zones, then this feature will be very useful for you. This feature ensures that if you are working with people of different time zones, it is not to be disturbed on its off time. For this, write the email you want to send. After this, click on the dropdown arrow given equal to Send and click on Schedule send. From here you can also choose the time and date.


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