A scheme for the empowerment of women has been launched by the Government of Rajasthan, named Bhamashah yojana. The scheme was started on August 15, 2014 with the main objective of increasing the participation of women in the family. Under this scheme, bhamashah cards will be made by which all government schemes will get benefits.

Let us tell you that Rajasthan is the first state in India to start Bhamashah yojana in which this scheme has been started. People of Rajasthan will get a lot of benefit from this scheme as all the government-run schemes under this scheme will be directly benefitted in bank accounts.

So far, under the Bhamashah yojana , 2 crore 35 lakh residents have been enrolled. Every citizen of Rajasthan can avail this scheme, for this you have to enroll in Bhamashah yojana after which you are given Bhamashah Card.

Since Bhamashah yojana has been made the head of the family women to empower women and increase their participation in the family. Therefore, all the family members will have bank accounts, but all will have control of the female head, which women will be able to decide on which work should be spent on the benefit amount received by the government.

Therefore, after much deliberation, the Rajasthan government decided to start this scheme on the Independence Day from the holy section of Mewar so that this day will also be celebrated as Women’s Self-respect Day.

How to get benefit of Bhamashah Card Yojana

Every person in the state can take advantage of bhamashah yojana and you do not have to pay any kind of money for this scheme as it is completely free. To take advantage of this scheme you have to enroll in it. After which you are given a bhamashah card, due to which you get the benefit of this scheme directly in bank accounts.

You can use two methods to enroll in bhamashah yojana. First you can apply it online and second you can apply it offline as well as apply for free at e-Mitra and Atal Seva Kendras. Now it depends on you how you file your nomination in bhamashah yojana.

Now it is necessary for you to know which documents you must have to file nomination in Bhamashah. So that you can get the bhamashah card and get the benefit of this scheme.

Key Documents for Bhamashah Card

1. Photos of all family members will be required.

2. There will be a need for a core bank account of the head of the family.

3. Every family member will need an Aadhaar card.

4. Family must have a ration card.

PAN card, electricity bill, telephone bill, voter identity card, birth certificate, caste certificate, BPL Documents such as card, NREGA card etc. will be required.

What is Bhamashah Card and how to make it

Under this scheme run by the Government of Rajasthan, a card will be made, Bhamashah Card, which will get the benefit of 54 government schemes like pension, NREGA by the Government of Rajasthan directly into the bank accounts.

Many types of schemes are run by the government, but due to corruption, the beneficiaries do not get the benefits of those schemes, so the full cash benefit of the government schemes from Bhamashah Card scheme is being transferred directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries without delay and without hassle. And all the future plans will be linked with Bhamashah Card yojana.

The government ‘s main objective of creating Bhamashah Card as to the direct beneficiaries of the benefits offered by the government. It will be linked with your mobile number, which will get the information of every transaction in the bank account by message. Bhamashah Card will get rid of corruption and trouble.

You can enroll in Bhamashah Card yojana in two ways, so online and offline, let’s know about them.

Bhamashah Card Offline kaise banvaye

For making Bhamashah card offline, ward level camps have been organized in Gram Panchayat and cities from where you can register your nomination for Bhamashah card.

Apart from this, you can register your nomination for free Bhamashah card from Atal Seva and E-Mitra centers, for this you must have all the important documents mentioned above.

Bhamashah Card Online kaise banvaye

Step- 1
First you have to go to Bhamashah ‘s website or  click on Bhamashah Yojana.

Step- 2
Now you have to click on the first option of Citizens Registration to make Bhamashah Card.

Step- 3
As soon as you click, a form opens in front of you in which you have to fill the following things.

Head name (in English) –
based card Sँkya-
Birth Date
Mobile Numbers

Step- 4
After this, the registration number comes on your given mobile number and then you have to go back home and click on the option of Citizens Enrollment.

Step- 5
Now again a new form opens in which you have to fill all your important documents and then submit the Bhamashah Card. A few days after applying the Bhamashah Card you get the Bhamashah Card. So in this way you can get your Bhamashah card made online.

Bhamashah Card Status check kaise kare

If you have applied for your Bhamashah Card and you want to know about its status, then follow the steps given to us.

First you have to go to Bhamashah’s website, so for that you click on Card Status check .

As soon as you click, you see some option, here you also see the Card Status option, click on it.

Step- 3
Now enter the Bhamashah receipt number given to you at the time of enrollment and click on the search button, you can check Bhamashah Card Status in this way.

Learn the benefits of Bhamashah Card yojana

1. Women become family heads

2. Arrangement of sending the amount directly to the bank account

3. Arrangement to withdraw money near home

4. Arrangement of transaction information to the beneficiary

5. Get rid of corruption and trouble

6. All 54 government schemes of the government will get benefits directly in bank accounts.

7. All the presently planned schemes will be linked with it.

8. This scheme will benefit every citizen of Rajasthan.

So now you must have understood what Bhamashah yojana is and how Bhamashah Card is made. So if this post is useful for you, then share it with your friends so that they too can take advantage of this Bhamashah Card Scheme.



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