What Is Credit Card and How To Make It

After the closure of the note in India, the trend of digital payment has increased a lot, due to which the utility of credit card has increased even more, so everyone wants to make a credit card.

Because we have many benefits of using credit cards and along with saving money, money is also fulfilled which is very effective in our good and bad times.

Therefore everyone wants that he also has his own credit card so that he can get benefits from using the credit card whenever he wants, but making a credit card is not so easy, so not everyone can apply for a credit card.

Also, many people are still unaware of credit cards, who do not know about what is a credit card and how to make it, due to this, many people are unable to use credit card .

So today we are going to provide you complete information about what is a Credit Card, how to use it, why use it, what is the profit-loss and how to apply the Credit Card etc. So if you also want to get your credit card made If you read this article completely.

What is a credit card

A credit card is a plastic card that looks exactly like an ATM but it is used differently because it works in the same way as you give money in small installments after taking a loan.

This card is given by the bank which according to your banking transaction fixes a limit to spend money on the credit card like 50 thousand and then you can use 50 thousand rupees for the purpose of this card, which you can later – Can be paid in small installments or together.

Today using credit card you can buy almost every similar whether it is online or available in offline market such as TV, mobile, clothes, furniture, food, vehicles etc.

Type of Credit Card

There are many types of credit cards that you can avail of in different ways, such as a credit card is used for shopping so as to get a good discount or how to buy.

And one is made for petrol or diesel so that good reward points and how can be obtained, thus you get to see different credit cards for different work.

Best Credit Card in India

Best Cashback Credit Card

1. Standard Chartered Manhattan Card

2. Standard Chartered Titanium Card

3. ICICI Amazon Pay Card

4. Yes Prosperity Cashback Card

5. American Express Membership Rewards Card

Best Credit Card for Online Shopping

1. SBI Simply Click Card

2. Amex Membership Rewards Card

3. American Express Gold Card

4. Standard Chartered Ultimate Card

5. HDFC Regalia Card

Best Credit Card for Fuel

1. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card

2. Citibank Indian Oil Card

3. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

4. RBL Platinum Maxima Card

5. HDFC Bharat Card

Best Travel Credit Card

1. American Express Platinum Travel

2. HDFC Dinners Black Card

3. Yes Preferred Card

4. SBI Air India Signature Card

5. SBI Elite Card

Best Credit Card for Movie Tickets

1. RBL Platinum Maxima Card

2. Fund Card SAPPHIRE

3. SBI Elite Card (Signature)

4. American Express Membership Rewards Card

5. ICICI Coral Card

Credit cards are given by every bank for different and different tasks, using which you can get more benefits, but the annual fees of different types of cards are also different, which also has its advantages and disadvantages. .

Benefits and Disadvantages of Credit Card

By using a credit card, you should know about its advantages and disadvantages so that you can use the credit card in the right way.

Credit Card Benifits – Benefits of Credit Cards

1. You can buy the same from any online website like Amazon, Flipkart, Sanpdeal etc.

2. You can buy goods from any offline market and market.

3. With credit card, you can pay your mobile, electricity, dish TV and other services.

4. You can withdraw money from credit card and can also transfer credit card limit in the form of money.

5. If you give the money used on credit card on time, then you do not have to pay any interest.

6. You also get a very good discount by using a credit card which saves your money.

7. Every bank offers some offers on its credit card, which is very beneficial.

8. By using credit card, you get reward points, which you can use to buy and get benefits.

9. With the help of credit card, you can use the country as well as abroad.

10. You can give the money taken from credit card in installments, which does not cost you any kind.

11. You do not need to see cash in your pocket all the time because you can do almost all the work using a credit card.

Disadvantage of credit card – Credit card losses

1. You do not know how to pay more interest if you do not pay the credit card bill on time.

2. Not paying credit card bill on time will have a huge impact on your banking transactions and there is difficulty in getting loan etc. in future.

3. The use of credit card increases spending habits as it is a loan which is difficult to repay later.

4. Overall, if the credit card is not used as per the rules, you can put your credit card in debt.

How to make a credit card

Now the biggest question comes that how to make a credit card, since not many people are aware of this, so they are unable to apply credit card, so let’s know how to apply credit card.

Documents for credit card apply

To get a credit card, you need several documents such as
– Age certificate (18 years)
– Aadhar card
– PAN card
– Voter card
– Bank passbook
– Certificate of address

After all these documents, you can apply a credit card and there are two ways to make a credit card, one is online and the other offline, in which you can easily apply a credit card.

How to get Credit Card offline

This is the easiest way you can apply a credit card, because for this you have to go to the bank and give all your important dates which are completely safe.

If your banking transaction is good or if your salary is more than 15 thousand, then you can also get an offer from the bank to make a credit card, which very soon makes your credit card come to your home.

And if you do not get the offer from the bank, then you can go to the bank and apply your credit card and after filling a form and putting a copy of the important documents and submit it to the bank, after that if your application is accepted then the credit The card reaches your home.

How to make Credit Card Online

To get an online credit card, you have to apply online and you have to give all your important documents, for this you can apply from your bank’s website like-

– SBI credit card Click Here

– icici credit card Click Here

– axis bank credit card Click Here

– hdfc credit card Click Here

You can also apply online credit card from BankBazar website and according to your banking transaction, the list of the credit card that will be right for you will be revealed to you.

First go to the BankBazar website

Step- 2
Click on the credit card option

Step- 3
Now you see many types of credit cards, click on the credit card you want to make.

Step- 4
Now enter your city, company, business, salary, your bank name etc. and click on the next button 4.

Step- 5
After completing this entire process, it brings you a credit card list and then you can apply to the bank whose credit card you want, thus you can apply online credit card.

So friends, you must have already understood what a credit card is and how to make it, because credit cards have become the need of everyone today, which has many benefits.

If you choose to use correctly the credit card so it Apakon’d greatly hoping that all the benefits you get, we will article like that and then it was you must help it with your friends Share to.


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