What is SSC and how to prepare for SSC

When we talk about getting a government job, SSC’s name comes first. So first of all we should know very well about what is SSC, what is SSC Full form and how to prepare for SSC.

Because everyone wants to get a government job in their life, but not everyone gets a government job, the biggest reason is that they do not have enough information. There are many people who do not have complete knowledge about SSC and their biggest disadvantage is when the questions related to SSC are reached in the exam.

Because as you all know how difficult it is to get a government job in today’s time because unemployment is increasing on one hand and competition in government jobs on the other hand. Therefore, we should be fully aware of the field in which we want to make a career.

Today we are going to give you complete information about SSC, if you also have this question, what is SSC Full form and how to prepare for SSC, then be sure because after reading this post completely, all those who come to your mind You will get the answers to the questions.

What is SSC full form

First of all, we know about SSC full form because many times this question has been reached in the exam. The full name of SSC is Staff Selection Commission  and in Hindi is known as Staff Selection Commission. Which was established on 4 November 1975.

The Staff Selection Commission i.e. SSC works under the Central Government and recruits Group B and C employees for various posts in various Ministries and Departments of the Government of India. Its Headquarters is in New Delhi.

SSC is a very popular exam because it has exams for all kinds of qualifications. Millions of forms are filled every year for SSC. SSC i.e. Staff Selection Commission takes many types of exams so let’s know about these exams

What Exams are in SSC

-SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam (SSC CGL)

-SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (SSC CHSL)

-Junior Engineer

-Junior Hindi Translator

-SSC Multitasking

-Central Police Organization


SSC Exams and SSC Post Name Information

For your information, let us know that SSC takes many types of exams and after passing the exam, it gives us an opportunity to get many types of posts. So let’s know about these exams and posts

SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam (SSC CGL)

As the name suggests, this exam can be given to students who have completed their Graduation. This exam is taken in four stages.

Tier-1. – Computer Based Examinations

Tier-2. – Computer Based Examinations

Tier-3. – Pen and Paper Mode

Tier-4. – Computer proficiency Test/ Skill Test

This exam Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 is required for every student while Tier-4 is required to give to those whose posts require Computer Typing.

Tier-1 Subject

Gerneral intelligence and Reasoning

-Gerneral Awareness

-Quantitative Aptitude

-English Comprehension

Tier-2 Subject

-Quantitative Abilities

-English language and Comprehension


-Gerneral Study (finance & economics)

Tier-3 Subject

-Pen and Paper Mode

SSC CGL Post Name List

1. Assistant Audit Officer

2. Inspector Examiner (CBEC)

3. Income Tax Inspector (CBDT)

4. Assistant (MEA)

5. Central Excise Inspector (CBEC)

6. Preventive Officer Inspector (CBEC)

7. Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO)

8. Assistant (CVC)

9. Assistant (AFHQ)

10. Assistant (Ministry of Railway)

11. Assistant (Intelligence Bureau)

12. Assistant Section Officer (CSS)

13. Sub Inspectors (CBI)

14. Assistant (Other Ministries)

15. Divisional Accountant (CAG)

16. Inspector (Narcotics)

17. Assistant (Other Ministries)

18. Sub Inspectors (NIA)

19. Statistical Investigator

20. Inspector (Dept. of Post)

21. Sub-Inspector (Central Bureau of Narcotics)

22. Auditor C&AG

23. CGDA Auditor

24. Auditor CGA

25. Tax Assistant CBEC

26. Tax Assistant CBDT

27. Accountant/ Junior Accountant Offices under C&AG

28. Accountant/ Junior Accountant Offices under CGA & others

29. Senior Secretariat Assistant

30. Compiler (Registrar General of India)

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam (SSC CHSL)

Students who have passed the 12th class examination can take the SSC CHSL exam, but after passing the class XII paper, those who want a government job can give this exam. This exam is taken in three stages.

Tier-1. – Computer Based Examination

Tier-2. – Descriptive Paper

Tier-3. – Typing Test / Skill Test

SSC CHSL Subject

-English Language

-Gerneral intelligence

-Quantitative Aptitude

-Gerneral Awareness

SSC CHSL Post Name List

1. Postal Assistant (PA)/ Sorting Assistant (SA)

2. Data Entry Operator (DEO)

3. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)

4. Court Clerk (CC)

 Junior Engineer (JE)

This exam can be given only by students who have diploma in engineering and BTech. By giving this exam, you can work on the post of Junior Engineer. In this, you have to give two papers.

Paper-1. – Computer Based Mode

Paper-2. – Written Examination

Junior Engineer Subject

-General Intelligence Reasoning

-General Awareness

Junior Hindi Translator (JHT)

To clear this exam, you should have knowledge of both Hindi and English languages, by giving this paper, you can work on the post of Hindi translator. For this, you have to give two papers.

Paper-1. – Computer Based Mode

Paper-2. – Descriptive Paper

Junior Hindi Translator Subject

-General No.

-General English

-Translation and Essay

SSC Multitasking

If you have passed your class 10 exam then you can take SSC Multitasking exam to get a government job, for this you have to give two papers, after which you are selected for SSC multi tasking staff.

Paper-1. – objective Type paper

Paper-2. – Descriptive Type Paper

SSC Multitasking Subject

-General Intelligence And Reasoning

-General Awareness

-Quantitative Aptitude

-English Language

SSC Multi Tasking Post Name List

1. Multi-tasking (Non-technical) Staff

2. Group “C” Non-gazetted

3. Non-ministerial Post

Central Police Organization(CPO)

CPO means Central Police Organization, as the name suggests, it is the process of selecting the police personnel by the Indian Central Government. To give this exam, one must have a degree of Graduation. This exam is important for those who wish to go to the police. For this, you have to provide two papers which are computer based.

Central Police Organization(CPO) Subject

-General Intelligence And Reasoning

-General knowledge and Gerneral Awareness

-Quantitative Aptitude

-English Comprehension

Central Police Organization(CPO) Post Name List

1. Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police

2. Sub-Inspector BSF

3. Sub-Inspector CISF

4. Sub-Inspector CRPF

5. ITBPF Sub-Inspector

6. Sub-Inspector SSB

7. Assistant Sub-Inspector CISF


Stenographer is shorthand which is a procedure in which small symbols are used to write faster than normal writing. Stenographer falls in the category of C and D Grade exams. It is a computer based exam in which you need the following subjects.

-General Intelligence And Reasoning

-Gerneral Awareness

-English Language and Comprehension

How to prepare for SSC for SSC selection

It is a dream of many people to get a government job and to fulfill these dreams you have to make effort and if you do it properly then you get success, so we know about how to prepare for SSC Are giving

TimeTable (Schedule)

Even today, most of the people preparing for government jobs are unable to make a schedule to do their studies and if they do make it, then they are unable to follow it, this is the biggest thing to do if you do not pass the SSC. Make and follow it with all honesty.

Target Achievement

Often people start reading by making TimeTable, but they are unable to meet the target they have created and get frustrated and then stop following TimeTable but you do not have to do this, so you have to start by making small Target. And to achieve the goal is to include it in your habit.

Right Preparation

This is very important because if you are preparing for an exam without knowing what Syllabus is and which book is right for it, then it is very difficult for you to pass an exam, so first things related to your exam For example, to know about syllabus, books, negative marking, exam total number etc. and use the right sources for your preparation. For this, you should consult your teacher.

Ask Question

When you are preparing for an exam, many questions come to your mind, so reach the question and clear your doubt because not reaching the question can distance you from dreams of getting a government job, so the question should be reached.

Learning and Sharing Attitude

You should also have the desire to teach as much as you want to learn, it grows in your knowledge and you remember it for a long time, but many people walk on the contrary, due to which, even after spending many years, that success Can not get it, so share your knowledge and help others.

Watch YouTube Videos

This is a very good way to prepare for SSC because in this you are treated by picture and our brain catches things understood from picture very quickly. Therefore, you should also use Youtube.


Many students spoil their healthy for studies, which has a direct effect on your studies, so keep your healthy well, which will support every muscle of your body in your studies.

Friends, it is our objective to write this post to help you. Which you can fulfill your dreams of getting a government job and do studies in such a way that you have fun after studying, then nothing will stop you from achieving success.

“Don’t be disheartened by your failures, my friend, because this is the way to achieve success and says that you have to learn more so that when you achieve success you can make gold out of coal mine.”

So friends, you must have liked this post of ours, as well as you have got help if you really liked this post, then it is important for you to share it with friends who are preparing for SSC because learning and Sharing is very important.


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