What is WhatsApp and who created it

Often whatsapp is done on Google about what is WhatsApp Full Form and why should it not happen, WhatsApp is so popular, so we all want to know what is WhatsApp full form and who has made WhatsApp.

Today there is WhatsApp in everyone’s smartphone and it is impossible to not get WhatsApp in anyone’s smartphone because it is one of the most used apps in the world.

You can estimate the popularity of WhatsApp in such a way that so far WhatsApp has been downloaded by more than 1 billion people and its download number is increasing every day.

Keeping this in mind, new updates are made every day by WhatsApp so that it can provide more great features to its users and due to its new features, this app is well liked and used by people.

But do you know who has made WhatsApp and what is the full name of WhatsApp ie WhatsApp Full Form because a lot of people are not aware of it and maybe you are not, so you are reading this article.

Let us tell you that even after doing a lot of searching on the internet, what is the WhatsApp full form is not available, so today we are going to tell you whether WhatsApp is full form or not and what happens if it happens.

It will also know who made Whatsapp and when, and along with it many things related to Whatsapp are going to be explained in detail, so read this article once.

What are whatsapp and why use

With the help of WhatsApp, you can make as many messages as you want for free and also provides the facility to make video calls with photos and video sendings.

WhatsApp is an app that changed the form of messaging because before the arrival of WhatsApp, we had to recharge and pay for the message, but after WhatsApp, we can now message for free.

WhatsApp is a messaging app, using it you can chat in a great way and exchange your thoughts and that too for free, for which you do not have to pay any money.

To use WhatsApp, you first have to download and install it on your smartphone. It is available on Android, EOS and Windows all platforms.

WhatsApp Features

1. Usually WhatsApp is used to send and receive text SMS.

2. Using WhatsApp, you can also send photos and videos to your friends as well as send documents.

3. With the help of WhatsApp, you can also do simple calling and video calling with text message.

4. With the help of WhatsApp, you can also share your real time location with your friends, this is very useful feature.

5. If you want, you can also send audio messages to WhatsApp.

6. On WhatsApp, you can do Chatting with any people, meaning in this you can also do group chatting.

7.WhatsApp you can use in your smartphone as well as computer.

Who made whatsapp

Whatsapp was made by Jan Koum and Brain acton only in 2009, but it was not fully ready at that time and required many improvements so it was not brought to market then.

It is also necessary for you to know that both Jan Koum and Brain acton have been employees of Yahoo Company and were rejected when they went for an interview on Facebook, after which they started a company called WhatsApp Inc. Were.

But it is a matter of the fact that the same Facebook bought the company he created in 2014 for about $ 19 billion, out of which three billion dollars were given to the founders and employees of WhatsApp.

Let us tell you that before buying WhatsApp, Instagram was purchased by Facebook at a cost of one billion dollars in the year 2012 and today both these apps are included in the list of most used apps in the whole world.

What is whatsapp full form

This question is asked by a lot of people on the internet, what is WhatsApp Full form, so here, let us tell you that there are two types of words, one that every letter has a meaning like SSC and Google etc. and the other one which You have a whole word like Facebook and WhatsApp etc.

Therefore, even after doing a lot of searching on the Internet, you do not get any information about WhatsApp full form, so now you do not need to search again and again what is WhatsApp full form because it does not have a full form.

But some people also get different meanings of whatsapp words according to their wishes like

WhatsApp Full Form

W – What
H – Horrendois
A – Atrocious
T – Total
S – S**t
A – Are
P- People
P- Posting

By the way, WhatsApp does not have any name in Hindi, but WhatsApp is called “What’s up” in Hindi, so now you know that there is no full form of WhatsApp.

So friends, this is how our smartphone has become an important part of our life, similarly today WhatsApp has become the most used and favorite app in every smartphone.

Therefore, new features are being added to it through WhatsApp so that they can provide a better experience to their users like-

So I hope you guys have liked this article of ours and now you must have understood who created whatsapp and when and also whatsapp is not full form.

So if you like this article of ours, then do share it with your friends who use WhatsApp and want to know who created WhatsApp and when.


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